Innovation funding made easy

Managing R&D tax credits compliance is complex

Finnli shows your compliance status and potential eligible R&D expenditure in minutes, helping you avoid year end surprises and regulatory risk.

Plus you can easily prefund your R&D expenditure by financing it through our exclusive partners.

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Dont wait till the year end to know your R&D claim

Finnli gives you detailed evidence and analytics by R&D activity, expenditure category for every project that you want to claim - from the get go.

Maximize your cashflow, minimize your risk

Finnli automatically links your expenditure and your R&D activities , highlighting potential compliance risks and giving you the best chance to maximize your claim all while savings you heaps of time and manual effort.


Supercharged Analytics

Get realtime notifications and analytics on your key compliance risks and eliminate year end surprises on inadequate documentation and data that puts your R&D incentive at risk .

Leading integrations

Integrate with popular products like Xero, JIRA, Github in minutes(and many more integrations coming). Say no to manual data collation forever!

Singular source of data +Audit protection

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, reconciliations, emails. All financial and project data with the power of a 'Google like' search gives you the confidence to face any audits


Give secure access to your team and external advisors. No more insecure sharing of data over shared drives and emails.

Be cashflow efficient

Get your R&D incentive pre-funded upto 18 months* in advance. We work with market leading and specialist financiers who understand innovative companies will enable your business.

Expert Network

Extensive choice of R&D advisors to provide specialist advice OR bring your own advisor to Finnli.

Finnli is certified by Xero.
Finnli is certified by Xero.
                            Finnli is integrated with
                           Jira & Confluence